Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A diverse selection of genre benders!

clockwise from top left:

The Smiths: Meat is Murder
* Do I have to say anything? All y'all Smiths fans are outta your minds on the Moz Kool-Aid  already, so don't act like you don't want it.
The Gun Club: Miami
* Holy god what an album! Go youtube the song Brothers and Sisters and you will see what I am talking about.

Echo and the Bunnymen: Porcupine
* Reissue of their classic third album from 1983

A Certain Ratio: To Each...
* 2014 reissue of the seminal post-punk classic!

Devo: Hardcore Devo vol. 2
* More early home recordings from everyone's favorite art-punk weirdos! We got volume 1 too!

The Raincoats: s/t
* Seminal pre-riot grrrl slab from 1979. Already like the Slits? Get it!

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